Why You Should Hire a Liability Lawyer

31 Jan

Safety should always be embraced by all people at all times. If it is a construction site which is along the road the contractor should ensure he or she has indicated safety measures to alert passer-bys of the existence of falling building materials. Similarly, even when you visit premises, you need to be given the safety measure you need to observe while inside to avoid ant injuries which may be pending. For instance, if it has a slippery floor the owner of the property should indicate that the floor is slippery to alert you such that you will walk carefully.

However, some property owners tend to ignore this directive of giving people safety tips to use while the visit their properties. This translates to many people getting injured while they walk on the premises. If you get injured on someone else’s property, then you will need to be compensated for lack of information on safety measure to be practiced. This can be done through legal procedures. The legal procedures are complex, and it is, therefore, advisable you hire a liability lawyer. This will benefit you in many ways as listed in this article.

Understands the court procedures

Getting your compensation when you have been injured in somebody’s property requires court nngprocesses which may involve a lot. Since you lack the information of the court process doing the case on your own may subject you to a lot of stress. However, hiring a liability lawyer will have you receive assistance in regards to representation in court and also the court processes. The lawyers will work towards possible win of the case and also ensure you are compensated rightfully.

Helps in handling evidence

ghtsCourt processes entail a lot of things to be considered complete. For instance, you will need the evidence of the occurrence f he accident before the court can progress. It is only the liability attorney who will know how best to present the evidence. The lawyer will also be in a better position to know evidence which will be significant and that which will be destructive to your case.

Lawyers know the legal fraternity

A liability attorney you hire will help you with your injury case because he or she knows other legal professionals they can work with to ensure your case is a success. On the other hand, the party you will be using will also have lawyers defending him or her. However, since your layers know the individuals, he or she will know how to progress with your case while putting in mind the type of lawyers that they will be battling with.


All you need to know about DUI charges

24 Dec
accident scene

There comes a time when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law when caught driving under the influence of alcohol. The moment you are imputed to driving under the influence (DUI), it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove their case in the best way possible. Thus, it is important to have an idea of what the prosecution needs for a successful conviction as well as what you need to do when facing a DUI charge.

Elements of DUI charges

What constitutes a DUI charge? Ideally, there are two main accident 23elements that the prosecutor needs to cover for any DUI charge to hold any water. Ideally, the prosecution team must prove that you were driving a car and at the same time under the influence of a drug. However, there are certain disparities in the application of DUI charges considering that some states require the prosecution team to prove that the accused was driving on a public road.

  • The driving element

In many states, you can be charged for DUI even when you were not driving. Ideally, this implies that you do not have to be stopped by the authorities while driving under the influence. Ideally, the prosecution team only needs to prove that you were behind the steering wheel without having to shed light on the driving element. However, factors like whether the defendant was asleep or wake, where he or she was seated, possession of car keys, whether the engine was running, or how the car was parked can give the case an entirely new twist depending on how the defendant’s lawyers address these concerns.

  • The “under influence” element

beer 2The prosecution team should show that the accused has a blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more at the time of arrest. On the other hand, proving that some drug impaired the motorist can be enough. Of these two, a BAC is often superior to showing impairment. However, the prosecution team tends to use these two options as a way of maximizing their chances of getting a conviction.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you need to give this case the seriousness it deserves. The best way to go about this is to work with an experienced DUI attorney. As much as you might be convicted, a good lawyer should be in a position getting the best possible outcomes depending on the facts presented by the prosecution team.…

Why a lawyer can help with your divorce

1 Dec

A divorce is something we can’t avoid; we’ve either seen, heard or probably in the position of an almost divorced married couple. And most people make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer during a divorce, but should you hire a lawyer? Perhaps you have contemplated of hiring a lawyer, and maybe you should. A divorce can be a long and complicated process, especially if you’re not familiar with the laws and everything. But do not worry, here are some few simple reasons why a getting a lawyer for your divorce can help a lot.

listPaperwork can be easily solved

When you’re getting a divorce, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill and getting taken care of, starting from forms to fill and also an agreement to settle. Getting a lawyer can help with this, as they will take care of the paperwork, beginning with the listing of what to do, and how to fill the papers correctly. A divorce lawyer can also help to fill your paperwork persuasively, which can help a lot during an argument, causing the judge to see the side of your problem. A mistake in filling the documents will cause you to lose your case, which the judge might think you’re trying to hide your information. If you live in British Columbia, getting a lawyer from Vancouver, BC law firm is a good idea.

Objective views from the lawyer

When you’re going through a divorce, there’s a lot of emotional turmoil during the phase. You’re experiencing a lot of negative feelings, such as anger, disappointment, resentment, fear, anxiety and a lot more. You’re trying to seek help or consultation, but it’s never a good idea in case you’re trying to find it from your friends or family. Why? The reason is simple as they will pick sides between you or your ex which can never be the solution. Hiring a lawyer is perfect as they can give you real views, no sides taken.

Options available from the lawyer

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer is to get some extra options you might not know that it’s there. A lawyer might offer you a legal, acceptable proposal that can be accepted by both sides without getting into more arguments which can cause more work for yourself and your spouse. A lawyer can also tell you when to accept, reject, make a counterproposal or to fight your case in the court, which is something that you need.…

Services offered by business lawyers

24 Nov
business meeting

The type of services that you will be able to get from a business lawyer will be so many. Some of the services that you will get from a business lawyer will be all to protect your needs. If you are someone who has a small business, then you will need the help of the lawyer at one time of your life. The business lawyer will be that one person that will deal with both parties. A business lawyer can represent the employer or the employee in court. But there are so many business owners that don’t have an idea of the kind of services that they should expect from a business lawyer. Read on to have an understanding of some of the services offered by business lawyers.



The business lawyer will be responsible for taking care of the employers and employees when it comes to the workplace. If in your business you employ people using the contacts. The lawyer will be one who will be responsible for coming up with a contract that will be fair to both parties. If as an employee you are not sure if the agreement is at your interest then you can visit the business lawyer so that he or she will be able to explain to you the terms of the contract.

Personal injuries and insurance

Sometimes accidents happen when in the workplace. It’s the job of the lawyer to determine who is responsible for the accident and who will be held liable for the accident. The lawyer will be able to use the insurance that the business has so that the person injured will be compensated for that damage. The layer will be able to tell you the truth of what you should expect when making the injury claim and if they are realistic or not.


leasing of property

As a company you are thinking of leasing a property, it’s the work of the business lawyer to get the lease and go through the terms and condition available and then advise you if it’s something that you should go for. He or she will be able to decide for you. Before going ahead and signing a lease make sure that you have consulted more than one business lawyer. So that you will be sure that you will not be making any mistake because there is no way that more than one person will be wrong about something. The business attorney kansas city will help you in all issues pertaining to business law.


Beyond Bullets | Americans Using Media to Stop Gun Violence

20 Jan

Featured Video:
Control Arms Campaign


Representatives from Oxfam International, currently taking part in the Global Arms Trade Treaty negotiations at the UN, visited with Beyond Bullets and our partners, NYAGV and Y.O. S.OS. Together we walked to Groundswell’s mural, “Piece Out, Peace In” 2009 Groundswell © www.groundswellmural.org.

About Beyond Bullets
Beyond Bullets is DCTV’s ongoing media campaign to support teenagers who are affected by gun violence. Our website broadcasts youth-produced videos commissioned by DCTV and submitted by the public, and our outreach events bring these videos to hundreds of teenagers each year. more>


One Million Moms For Gun Control
Washington D.C.
Join One Million Moms for Gun Control on Monday, January 21st as they march across the Brooklyn…
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UN Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations
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Reasons you can use as ground for divorce

28 May

When a marriage is broken to a point where it can’t be retrieved, the next course of action is to get a divorce. Getting a divorce can, however, be a difficult process especially for individuals who do not know the law or their rights. Some people take advantage of this fact to frustrate their spouses. Some reasons are however reasonable enough to make the divorce process simple. Below are some of them.

Grounds for divorce


This is the leading cause of divorces all over the world. You must prove that your spouse has cheated on you either through admission or circumstantial evidence. Cheating means having sexual relations with individuals of the opposite sex while you are still together and that makes it intolerable to live together. You can petition for the divorce using adultery regardless of whether you and your spouse are living together or not. However, you should file for divorce in less than six months after finding out that your spouse is cheating on you for the petition to be credible.

Unreasonable behavior

You should present your case in a way that shows that your spouse is behaving in a way that makes it hard for you to live with them. Statistics have shown that in England and Wale, an unreasonable behavior is the leading cause of divorce. Several allegations support unreasonable behavior, for instance, excessive drinking and financial extravagance. It can be difficult to prove such cases, but you have to provide sufficient evidence. Serious allegations of physical violence, verbal abuse, lack of sexual interest, and your spouse forming inappropriate relationships with other individuals are often treated with much more seriousness.


If your spouse has deserted you without you without your consent for over two years, you can use that against them to get a divorce from them. However, this fact is rarely used because it requires mental intent to divorce through the two year period and it can be quite difficult to prove that.

Five-year separation

If you and your spouse have been living apart for over five years, your case will be easy. Your spouse does not even have to consent. The downside is that some spouses may be difficult to deal with and they can hold up the final decree. Such instances might occur if the spouses feel that they end up in a bad financial situation if they lost their spouses. However, this is very uncommon.…

Legal issues to consider when operating an online business

16 Apr

Conducting an online business may be simple, but the businesses are also regulated by the law. If the laws are not followed by the business owners or the individuals maintaining the websites, they may be faced with legal liabilities. If you are an online businessman, this article will help you to understand the legal e-commerce issues and how to deal with them.

Laws in the e-commerce world

Internet business and e-commerce

As an entrepreneur, you should start by analyzing your company’s online presence then proceed to audit the procedure and determine how to your brand and its influence online. As you are doing this, you should ensure that your company’s agreements and websites comply with the laws and regulations that affect sites and online businesses.

Online privacy

This continues to be a bigger issue all over the world. The issue has been made worse with the excess usage of mobile devices, tablets and the various apps available. Privacy issues are therefore becoming complex, and companies should consider updating or coming up with new privacy policies. Internal security protocols should also be adopted, and they should be aimed at protecting the security of the website users and the consumers.

Domain name acquisition

When operating an online business, the domain name is critical. However, it can bring about various legal problems. Such problems include securing a domain name and protecting it from parties that may attempt to trade off the goodwill that is associated with the company’s brand name. Often, the company will require defense and the protection of their domain name on the internet and that is where a legal attorney will come in handy.

Social media law

Social media has been used by many companies to build their brands, and it is also an efficient way of interacting with customers. However, this platform can create some legal issues for the online businesses. To reduce the risk of such problems, the employees should be given social media policies and guidelines. The key areas that should be addressed include sponsorship, confidentiality, and the branding guidelines.

Terms of use agree

Terms of agreement commonly referred to as TOU can limit the liability for companies which maintain an internet presence. The agreement and guidelines should not be copy pasted from the internet. They should be able to address the company’s specific business for them to be more efficient. This is because what works for one company may not necessarily work for another company.…