5 Indicators that Your Transmission Fluid is Low

In the previous article, we have discussed the possible problems of your transmission that must be attended to right away. As stated, one of the probable transmission issues is about low transmission fluid. To know more what the indicators are to determine whether your transmission fluid is low, here are some of them: 

Difficulty to shift your gears 

One of the usual signs if car issues are when the gears are suddenly hard shifting. Though this indicator is ultimately typical to manual transmissions, it’s not only restricted to them. Automatic vehicles even have gears. Hence, if your vehicle undergoes a bit inconsistent as you accelerate, then take it as an indication that you have a problem with your transmission. Also, low transmission fluid could be the reason why this problem exists. 

 Transmission slipping 

Transmission slipping is one of the common problems your vehicle can have. This could be noticed if your vehicle and engine lack synchronization. This occurs once engines speed up and the car does not succeed to take action to it. Insufficient fluid also indicates that the gears can’t engage properly. So, you should not ignore this sign. 

You hear a weird noise 

Generally, the vehicle’s transmission must be noiseless. But, once the transmission torque converter is loose, for instance, this could lead to a weird sound that is like a rhythmic pounding. As soon as you begin to hear a strange noise from the transmission of your car, then it is highly suggested that you should have it inspected. The result of a low ATF could take place once you experience erratic and hard shifts or the moment you hear grinding clatter. 

Your transmission overheats 

Overheating is an indicator that your vehicle transmission is about to get weaken and could probably be associated with ineffective or low transmission fluid. Too much heat could be extremely hazardous to your vehicle. Note that the majority of transmission fails due to overheating. Keep in mind to maintain your fluid temperature and guarantee to never let it go beyond 200°.  

Leaking of transmission fluid 

Leaking transmission fluid is one of the most apparent indicators that your vehicle has insufficient fluids. In an automatic transmission, the fluid is definitely important in making sure that the shifting capabilities of your vehicle are properly functioning and will keep on doing so. Because of this, it is always essential to inspect for leaks in the engine compartment and below your car. This fluid could easily be recognized since it possesses a vivid bright red color with a sweet smell. If it has a dark color and a burnt smell, then the issue might have gone overboard, which makes it harder to fix. 

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Fun and Budget-friendly Decoration Ideas for Parties

All of us love parties, right? However the expenses of throwing one to entertain usually stops the session of planning a party in its tracks. However, there are ways to have an awesome and enjoyable party without being broke in the end. Having these fun yet budget-friendly ideas for decorating parties can help you become a party host without compromising your savings. Check out the following inspirations you can consider to spruce up your parties: 

Bring out the food 

Perhaps, the only party décor you need is a simple decorative buffer or a dessert table. However, if you’re on a budget, you can skip having an expensive and fancy menu. Instead, you can make your own food menu. And then present them using pedestal bowls and glue them to candlesticks that you spray-painted.  

Throw an outdoor party 

An outdoor party is great since you can incorporate nature are your party backdrop. Nature’s inherent beauty could be sufficiently perfect to be a décor. With this, it will not require you that much to do some improvements in making your party stand out. Guarantee to provide some area and seats for your visitors to go get a drink and chat. Though, depending on the space of your lawn, you might not need too much. You can also incorporate decoration parties suitable for outdoors, depending on if your budget allows it.  

Change the mood using candles 

What makes a fun yet intimate party vibe is soft lighting. It also helps to conceal insufficient décor and dust bunnies. Spread candles of different shapes and heights about your area. Moreover, use more lighting all over the food areas and the tables. 

Make your party stand out 

A party is not a party with no balloon. Balloons can actually be cheaper if you blow them up yourself. Select bright or primary colors to aim for a younger look. For party-goers that are mature, you can stick to 1-2 shades of colors. Using a string or curling ribbon, you can hang them from the ceiling. Or you can also opt to spread them all over your floor. You can also use balloons as a wall’s backdrop. 

Show some pop of color 

Bright colors can help everyone think about the party. And you can achieve having a colorful party by buying free printables and store paper goods from the craft store near you. This way, you could devise a party without the need to spend a lot of money. If you are thinking about the waste after the party, you can always choose to recycle materials, such as paper bags, and turn it into decorations or buntings. You can have a great party as well as saving the mother earth. It’s a win-win situation. 

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How to Hire an HVAC Contactor

When the heating system and air conditioner fails, it becomes a disaster that disrupts the normal activities in your entire household. The aim is to replace or repair the problem part as fast as possible. However, adequate care must be practiced when looking for the most trustworthy and reliable HVAC contractor in your area. It helps to make sure that your house is back to its normalcy as fast as possible. 

To restore the safety, comfort, and privacy of your home, you must replace and repair your HVAC system when necessary.  To do that, you’ll need a service provider that you can trust. You must hire the experts in HVAC repair St Charles MO to get the job done fast. Request for a referral from trusted sources such as family, friends, and neighbors. 

You may also get in touch with the local BBB. However, the best thing to do is to connect with the most trusted HVAC contractors in your area. Compare their quotes to find the service providers that can provide you with quality services at the most reasonable rates. 

How to Qualify HVAC Contractors 

It is important to work with a reputable contractor when it comes to heating and air conditioning repairs. That way, you can get the desired results quickly. Be sure to request quotes from 3 to 4 contractors in your city to find the best professional for the HVAC project that you have at hand. 

Visit the contractor’s website to get all other pertinent information, such as their physical address and contact numbers. You should also ask a lot of questions from them. But first, make sure that their website is up-to-date and looks professional.  

They may have customer’s reviews on their site but the best place to find them is from a third-party website, such as BBB. Ensure that most of their reviews are positive. Surely, there will be comments that are negative because after all, it’s impossible to please everybody. Find those comments that are negative and see how they respond to them. 

Questions to Ask an HVAC Contractor  

Ask the following questions for every HVAC contractor on your shortlist. You may simply call them on the phone to simplify the inquiry.  

1. How long have you been in business? 

Their length of service in the industry defines their experience and expertise. You want to be served by HVAC contractors who know exactly what they’re doing.  

2. How much HVAC repair and installation experience do you have? 

Some companies are well-established but some of their HVAC is not. Be sure that you ask this question to the person who is assigned to handle your project.  

3. What is your estimation of the project? 

You need an accurate quote from the HVAC contractors so you can set the budget for the project easily. You want a formal quote so you can clearly see what you’re paying for and easily compare it with the others.  

4. Could you supply a list of references? 

To ensure that you’re working with a legitimate business, you want a list of references. You may contact the people they placed on that list, which are most likely their past clients.  

Why Do People Fail Driving Tests?

Understanding the most common reasons to fail a driving test is one of the ideal ways to make sure that you pass your Oklahoma driving school test.

You should pay close attention to these areas whenever you are next out in the car. This will help you avoid making the same errors during the test day. 

Reverse Park 

You can be asked to either do a reverse into a parking bay or do a parallel park on the road during the driving test. If you have to reposition to correct a loss of accuracy or control, you will fail in this test. A huge loss of control or complete misjudgment will count as a huge mistake.  

Response to Signs 

In this stage, you will be marked with errors for doing things such as not following directional arrows and unnecessarily crossing the solid white center lines on the road. In addition to that, when the exit isn’t clear and you stop in a yellow box junction, it is an error. Thus, you have to ensure you understand the rules about responding to signs.  


For the route you are taking, your car should be correctly positioned. You have to ensure you are in the middle of the lane if lanes are marked. You should not straddle lanes.  

Move Off 

When moving off, one of the things that count as control is repeated stalling. In addition to that, there are other things you have to be wary of. This includes not putting the car in gear and trying to move off, rolling backward when trying to move off, and moving off with the handbrake on. 

Traffic Lights 

Something that catches out people is giving the proper response to traffic lights. A few of the errors that individuals make include staying at the stop line when it is safe to move and waiting at a green filter light when it is safe to proceed. Other errors that count include stopping beyond an advanced stop line in the placed designated for cyclists and not following to a red light.  

Moving Off Safely 

It is vital to use your mirrors to check for other road users. You will be marked with an error if you try to move off without doing it.  


You should place your car properly when you are turning right. When turning right, you should not cut the corner. In addition to that, you should look out for any pedestrians crossing the road, motorcyclists, and cyclists. 


In normal driving, you have to be able to keep a stable course. Things such as not following the contour of the curb, and dismounting and mounting the curb will result in errors in this area.  


Keep in mind that you have to utilize your wing mirrors and rear-view mirrors. You also have to react to the details they are providing you. Individuals get caught out for pulling up and changing direction without checking their mirrors. You will also get an error if you improve your speed without checking the mirror.