5 Indicators that Your Transmission Fluid is Low

In the previous article, we have discussed the possible problems of your transmission that must be attended to right away. As stated, one of the probable transmission issues is about low transmission fluid. To know more what the indicators are to determine whether your transmission fluid is low, here are some of them: 

Difficulty to shift your gears 

One of the usual signs if car issues are when the gears are suddenly hard shifting. Though this indicator is ultimately typical to manual transmissions, it’s not only restricted to them. Automatic vehicles even have gears. Hence, if your vehicle undergoes a bit inconsistent as you accelerate, then take it as an indication that you have a problem with your transmission. Also, low transmission fluid could be the reason why this problem exists. 

 Transmission slipping 

Transmission slipping is one of the common problems your vehicle can have. This could be noticed if your vehicle and engine lack synchronization. This occurs once engines speed up and the car does not succeed to take action to it. Insufficient fluid also indicates that the gears can’t engage properly. So, you should not ignore this sign. 

You hear a weird noise 

Generally, the vehicle’s transmission must be noiseless. But, once the transmission torque converter is loose, for instance, this could lead to a weird sound that is like a rhythmic pounding. As soon as you begin to hear a strange noise from the transmission of your car, then it is highly suggested that you should have it inspected. The result of a low ATF could take place once you experience erratic and hard shifts or the moment you hear grinding clatter. 

Your transmission overheats 

Overheating is an indicator that your vehicle transmission is about to get weaken and could probably be associated with ineffective or low transmission fluid. Too much heat could be extremely hazardous to your vehicle. Note that the majority of transmission fails due to overheating. Keep in mind to maintain your fluid temperature and guarantee to never let it go beyond 200°.  

Leaking of transmission fluid 

Leaking transmission fluid is one of the most apparent indicators that your vehicle has insufficient fluids. In an automatic transmission, the fluid is definitely important in making sure that the shifting capabilities of your vehicle are properly functioning and will keep on doing so. Because of this, it is always essential to inspect for leaks in the engine compartment and below your car. This fluid could easily be recognized since it possesses a vivid bright red color with a sweet smell. If it has a dark color and a burnt smell, then the issue might have gone overboard, which makes it harder to fix. 

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