Child custody

Going through a divorce can be messy, and when children are involved, it becomes worse. It is advisable to have a child custody attorney who can help your spouse and yourself to handle the case with your children appropriately. Sometimes you can represent yourself, but this article shows some scenarios whereby a child custody attorney is required.

When to hire a child custody lawyer

If your spouse has one

When you find out that your ex-spouse is working with an attorney, it may be high time to look for one. Sometimes money can be an issue, but you can always look for free legal help in your area. It is essential to take such measures if you want the case to turn out according to your expectations. There is no need to lose out on a case because your ex-spouse had an attorney yet you did not.

When your case becomes complicated

Sometimes, a simple case can become complicated as it proceeds. For example, you may find out that your ex-spouse has changed their mind about joint custody. They may be trying to convince the court that you are not fit to stay the kids for various reasons that could be against you. When you learn about these issues, hire a child custody attorney who will guide you through the whole process.

When you believe that your child might be in danger

Such situations demand legal representation. The costs of the child attorney should be overlooked when you believe that your child could be in danger. Your ex-spouse could be mistreating the child or putting them in situations that might compromise their safety. If you believe that they are truly in danger, get a restraining order then hire a child custody attorney as they will help you to move forward with the case.

When your case crosses jurisdictions

If you and your spouse live in different states or countries, you should hire a legal representative to handle your case. Moreover, you should strive to learn about the laws that could impact your case especially if it is international.

When your ex-spouse is preventing you from seeing your kids

Sometimes, your ex-spouse may frustrate your efforts to see your children. They may do so by denying you visits or by coming up with last minute excuses as to why you can’t see your children. These behaviors should prompt you to hire a legal attorney who will help you to fight for the custody of your children, and that will enable you to see them with no restrictions.