Aurora, CO |

Every day since the horrific shooting in Aurora, Colorado, there have been news stories about gun policy and gun violence. It's overwhelming to parse through all the information on the many sides of this debate, and not all the information out there is reliable.

One of the ways we try to take in this debate is by studying the statistics from sources we trust, and by paying attention the human cost of gun violence. How does gun violence affect our quality of life as a nation, and how do human stories help shed light on this issue?

For statistics, we recommend The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence or The Violence Policy Center.

For stories, we recommend browsing the videos on our own site, of course, and looking to sites like Interrupt Violence, Living for 32, and Shell Shocked.

The Brady Campaign is the largest national resource for gun violence prevention, and our partners New Yorkers Against Gun Violence have useful information about local, New York City laws and policies.

There is a lot to take in, even through the above-mentioned resources, but the more we read and listen to the debates going on in the news, the more frustrated and confused we become. The sources we recommend turning to are those which have been immersed in this issue for longer than it takes to get a sound byte.

Unless, of course, that sound byte comes from Stephen Colbert.