Mayor Bloomberg's Young Men's Initiative | Washington D.C.

In August 2011, Mayor Bloomberg announced a new initiative to support young African-American and Latino men, who face severe disadvantages when compared with their white peers in New York City.

The Mayor pledged $67 million from the City and $30 million of his own money, which was matched by George Soros's Open Society Foundations, to initiate "policy changes and agency reforms over the next three years", helping to bring opportunities and guidance to young men of color throughout the city.

The Young Men's Initiative (YMI)has some excellent policy proposals that would help formerly incarcerated men re-enter society and the workforce, and the Initiative aims to promote better health, family planning, literacy, education and employment opportunities for young men of color. It's an important investment in the welfare of New York City communities -- but is it working?

According to a recent article in The Crime Report, there seems to be confusion among constituents about where the money is being spent, and what new ground is being broken with YMI. Will they be starting new programs, or continuing to fund existing ones? Will they be working closely with council members and bridging the gap between city agencies, or working exclusively?

It's worth paying attention to YMI and where it leads young New Yorkers of color. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it'll actually provide tangible steps toward ending the cycle of poverty in the City. What do you think about YMI?