Rooftop Party Ideas to Make Quarantine Less Boring

Living life does not need to end with a virus.  

Almost all countries are locked down, and all people are told to stay at home and distance themselves from people besides family. While this can be a piece of good news to introverts, individuals who have fun of staying outside the house and having complete freedom to just enjoy life might find this restrictive and delimiting to their right to having fun.  


If you are into parties and its ambiance, you probably are feeling its nagging absence during this quarantine days. But here is the good news, you can make yourself a party on the roof with your family and loved ones – or whoever is with you this time. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to make roof small party rock. 


Of course, if you have not done this, you need to first check if the Roof Repair was done properly to make sure it supports everything you put on the roof.  

1. Choose comfortable chairs 

What is ideal is to provide different seating options for everyone, but of course, this is not practical so you need to narrow down your choices. In fact, the most convenient choice that also provides full comfort is no chair at all. Instead of using heavy chairs, you can opt for cushions, pillows, and blankets instead. You can even install some outdoor rugs for comfortable seating. 

2. Prepare good food 

Good food does not mean fancy; it just needs to be something that everybody eats and likes. Of course, a homecooked meal is ideal for a small party on your roof, but everything will do, really. Choose food that saves you time such as pizza and some fruits, or some snacks. Take note that the family small party will heavily rely on conversations and food to prevent boring everyone in there. If you want, you can set and maintain the mood with some booze or red white – anything that the family prefers. You can even invent your own drink for a change.  

3. Put on some music, light, and other decoration 

The light as well as the full decoration on your roof effectively sets the mood. You can just from the basement some Christmas lights or pick some straightforward bulbs. You can even be creative like putting some tissue paper flowers and or painted string lights. You can put some house lanterns too. 

Of course, the music shall be the final touch. Make sure that when your loved ones arrived, they hear the music for the night. It does not need to be noisy that catches the neighborhood’s attention. So long as the family enjoys it, then it is fine and good enough. 


Especially in these boring days of quarantine, many people are becoming innovative in their daily activities at home. A roof family part could be so fun while at the same time giving you the unique quality time with family and loved ones. All you need to do is to follow our simple tips and you are good to go.